Olive Oil - Premium Quality Olive OilOlive Oil - Premium Quality Olive Oil

La Oliva Extra Virgin 500ml


Premium Quality Olive Oil – Your RootBites was busy through the festival season in serving you. As you are aware, RootBites aspire to bring roots of India and the World to your kitchen and is now starting the ‘World Root’ series with Extra Virgin and Pomace Olive Oil.


About this item (Premium Quality Olive Oil)

As a trivia, most Olive Oils consumed in the country come from Greece, Spain, and Italy. However, Olive oil from Spain is best suited for the Indian palate due to its balance of being fruity and bitter. Your RootBites have worked back with ‘aiers de Jaen, Spain to bring to you ‘La Oliva Olive Oil’

– La Oliva Extra Virgin is 100% first extract Olive Oil @ 750/- per 500 ML
– Pomace is a blend of Extra Virgin and subsequent Olive extract @ 475/- per 500 ML.

Your hunt for pure and ethical olive oil is now served by RootBites.

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